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Jack Straw Writers Program!

I got into the Jack Straw Writers Program for this year! Whoo hoo! This year’s curator is the inimitable Anastacia Renee, and I’m so excited to work together. Our cohort is a really special group and it’s a neat feeling to feel thankful for having applied and not gotten this in the past because it means I get to work with these people now J which is super dreamy.

Bit about the program: get to learn studio-focused voice and mic skills, be interviewed and have the audio published online, work with this awesome cohort and curator, have some work published, and do a bunch of public readings around town. I want to figure out a good way to make a calendar for this website, and when I do, I’ll put the Jack Straw events on there if you want to come check it out!

I’m extra excited for the studio time, because I realized last year (being in a recording studio for the first time) that it feels completely different than performing live, and I’m actually not comfortable with it at all. Live stuff is second nature to me and I’ve been doing it since I was a teen, and performed for a living for years, but the studio is, as one of our vocal coaches said, a totally different beast. A few of us had our vocal coaching yesterday, and it was helpful to work on studio-specific skills and feel into what that space needs that’s really different from live with an audience. I think I’ll be wrestling with this one for a while, at least for performing and recording my work, but definitely have more tools today than I did last week.

For more info about the program and our cohort of awesome, and to keep up with our stuff this year, click here.

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