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Contact me!

There are lots of ways to stay in touch, depending on what you're looking for! For most requests, you'll fill out a wonderful form that makes both our lives better. Email is also an option, and you can join a mailing list if you just want to stay in the loop.

For event/performance and media requests, please fill out the appropriate forms here!

To contact me about anything else Washington-State-Poet-Laureate-related, you can email poetlaureate [at]

For things that are completely unrelated to me being the WAPL and not even spurred/sparked by that title, you can still use atruewrites [at] gmail [dot] com

Heads up: I get more email than I can stay on top of. You may experience delays, or I may use short or form responses to reply, especially for requests outside of my purview. I try to prioritize by urgency and other factors, but just fair warning.

Join the mailing list!

Heads up: my old mailing list broke forever, so if you were on that before, you'll have to sign up for the new one, sorry about that! But it's very easy! Just add your email below and press the button :)

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