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Come see Arianne read around town! Slash online. All times Pacific.
If you would like to request Arianne for an event in her capacity as WA Poet Laureate, please fill out one of the forms on this page.
I'm now managing my calendar through the Poet Laureate program, so to see what events I'll be part of, click here and scroll down to the calendar! All events at that link are free and open to the public, and they're all around WA state.

Past readings/performances (* indicates video/recording at link)
Passing of the Laurel*                                              May 4, 2023
Honor: People & Salmon closing reception                  Apr 15, 2023
We the Indigenous AWP offsite @ Hugo House           Mar 9, 2023
A Dozen Nothing AWP offsite @ Chop Suey              Mar 9, 2023

Indigenous Voices event at Evergreen                        Jan 17, 2023
Hugo House Lit Series: unearthing                            Dec 2, 2022
49 words I wish I could write in my family's language  Oct 27, 2022
Author panel w/ The Licton Springs Review*              May 4, 2022
Event with Sasha LaPointe for her book release*          Mar 31, 2022
Local Voices
                                                          Jan 13, 2022
Fiercely Indigenous w/ Friends of Waterfront Seattle*  Dec 5, 2021
ASU Library Labriola Center                                    Sept 9, 2021
Created Commons at Westcrest Park                        Sept 4, 2021
Moderated discussion with Darrel McLeod
             Aug 24, 2021
Hugo Fellows final reading*                                  June 16, 2021
Margin Shift*                                                      May 20, 2021
AWP: Imagination and the Anthropocene                 Mar 3, 2021

Hugo Fellows Mid-Year reading*                            Feb 17, 2021
SAL Local Voices                                                  Nov 19, 2020
Jack Straw final reading                                        Nov 15, 2020
We the Indigenous IPD reading*                            Oct 12, 2020
Queer Poetry Salon                                              Aug 22, 2020
Jack Straw reading series*                                     July 10, 2020

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