About Arianne True

Arianne True is a poet and excitable human from Seattle, WA and from the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations. She grew up in the Seattle writing community, nurtured by YouthSpeaks and the Richard Hugo House, and as an adult, has (to her delight) gotten to return and work with young writers in both spaces. She currently teaches with Writers in the Schools, and enjoys picking up a range of other gigs.

Arianne is involved in other Seattle arts communities as well, including performative mythology and Appalachian folk traditions. She's also queer, food-oriented, and passionate about her PNW home. Arianne is a proud alum of Hedgebrook and of the MFA program at the Institute of American Indian Arts.

You can reach out to Arianne via email at

ariannetrue [at] gmail [dot] com

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Current Projects


exhibits is a collection of experimental poems that create a museum exhibition, complete with multiple galleries, background materials presented by the curator, and the trappings of any museum (placards, curatorial text, announcements, etc). Using the museum format to engage a gaze often averted, and averted to disastrous impact, the book creates windows into a story shared by possibly a quarter of women in this country but rarely discussed: the decades-long impacts of childhood sexual abuse. Given the history of Natives and American museums, this indigenous writer can’t help but engage that, and hopes to repatriate her own stolen body across the course of the work.

If you're curious about the work, feel free to email me or check out what's out in the world so far: it has a special section on my Published work page.

Training as an editor

I've been training in a professional program for editors and copyeditors, and plan to start accepting freelance copyediting clients in summer of 2020. I'm happy to start taking on more developmental and intensive editing projects starting fall 2020. When those seasons come around, I'll add a link here to more information.

The dream someday is to work as an editor for comics and graphic novels, though I'm happy to take on all sorts of projects. I love helping people find clarity of expression in their writing, and hold that and the experience of the reader central to any editing project.

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